We are commited to safety

Toyota ultimate goal: A world without accidents

We are continually investing in research and development to find new ways to raise our quality, working to help keep you safe. That means leading the way when it comes to packaging safety features on our vehicles – so when you get behind the wheel, you can focus on the journey ahead and the simple joy of driving.

Integrated Safety Technologies

To achieve a safe driving environment, Toyota takes an integrated approach in bringing together integral areas of driving.

Active Safety
Pre-Crash Safety
Passive Safety
Restraint Equipment:Seatbelts, Airbags, Seats
Body Structure: High-Strength Cabin
Parking: Rear view parking Cameras with Guidelines for backing into parking spaces

Active Safety

Traction Control

Limits wheel spin on slippery surfaces when you are travelling in a straight line.

Vehicle Stability Control

Helps maintain control on slippery surfaces by reducing engine power and applying necessary brake force automatically.

Anti-lock Brake System

Prevent wheel lock during a sudden stop by applying “pulsing” brake pressure.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution

Enhances stability while braking, while Brake Assist detects sudden braking and adds full pressure to prevent a collision. Some technologies, like Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management*, are so advanced that they can anticipate your intentions and then automatically activate a variety of safety systems to ensure the highest possible level of vehicle control and stability.

Passive Safety

Passive Safety: From airbags to seatbelts to impact-absorbing body structures that channel impact energy away from the cabin, Toyota vehicles are loaded with passive safety measures. We’ve even specially designed our headrests and driver and front passenger seats to help reduce impact effects such as whiplash.

Quality Builds Excellence

Toyota vehicles are built with legendary quality, durability, and reliability. Not only does this means years of driving enjoyment, it also extends to your safety behind the wheel.

Ready for anything

To continually improve systems such as crash-absorbing bodywork, passenger cell, airbags, seat belts and seats that protect against twitching neck injuries, we reconstruct collisions based on real-life data, perform thorough analyzes and aim for the highest safety results, which not only meet, but also exceed international standards.

Always Testing

Toyota crashes more than 600 vehicles a year – for safety purposes. We’ve developed a set of comprehensive crash tests with a number of sensors at the prototype phase, and with each collision, we examine the effects and make improvements to the design. Repeating the process over and over, we are constantly creating and then analyzing possible collision scenarios.